Dirty Dalmatian Pro-TEAM

Dirty Dalmatian Rubs Pro-TEAM is a hand picked proven dream team that has extreme passion for Everything Barbecue. Not only do they believe in our brand, but they are constantly helping perfect the craft in every aspect, and are innovators in the BBQ realm. We collaborate with them to make sure we can provide the highest quality product. We value them and they love Dirty Dalmatian Rubs!

We’re looking for more pro team members! If you believe in quality handmade Texas rubs and want to be apart of an innovative, tight knit growing team shoot us an e-mail at


Hometown: Chicago, IL

Biography: I am an accountant by day, and BBQ’r by night and weekends. My husband and I have two beautiful little kids that keep us busy, and are always fascinated by what I am making on the grill. I love to challenge myself to make non-traditional recipes on the grill and seeing what I can come up with.

Smoker: Grilla Grills Silverbac, Grilla Grills Kong, Pit Barrel Cooker, and Chargriller Offset

Favorite meat to smoke: Brisket

What you like about Dirty Dalmatian Rubs: I love how well Dirty Dalmatian rubs compliment what you are making. It is versatile enough to throw in while making burgers, but also delicious enough to use on prime rib. I really fell in love with Dirty Dalmatian rubs when I used it on a prime rib, it brought out such a great flavor profile and paired perfectly.


Hometown: Edinburg, TX

Biography: For work I am a transmission lineman.. on down time and the weekends I like to fabricate bbq pits and smokers for myself and my friends. I’ve been bbqing and outdoor cooking since I was a kid, taught by my father, and I’ve been perfecting my bbq and outdoor cooking skills for many years.

Smoker: I currently have 5 home built smokers/grills and a timberline traeger 

Favorite meat to smoke: Texas brisket

What you like about Dirty Dalmatian Rubs: Dirty Dalmatian rubs have that Texas flavor that we all know. It has the perfect pepper to salt ratio with added spices that compliment the meats that I bbq and cook very well.


Hometown: Kingston, WA

Biography: I have been involved in the culinary business most of my life. I was professionally schooled while in the Marine Corps. And attended numerous other culinary specialty classes. It wasn't until 2 yrs ago that I really got involved in BBQ and realized that I had found my passion. I started Semper Fine BBQ a year ago and haven't looked back. Right now I'm catering, but the long term goal is a restaurant. 

Smoker: Oklahoma Joe's Highlander, PitBoss 700FB, PitBoss 1100 Pro Series, Outlaw Smokers 3000

Favorite meat to smoke: Any Ribs

What you like about Dirty Dalmatian Rubs: Being around bbq for awhile you go thru tons of rubs and most likely making your own. From the moment I layed eyes on the rub I knew some love and a lot of thought went into this product. If flavor profile and amazing bark are what you are after...Dirty Dalmation Rubs is what you need in your life.